One giant leap for Dekan part 5

Monday was another day dominated by sight-seeing. After a lay-in I awoke to some drilling and banging – it seems the apartment block I’m staying in is currently undergoing some refurbishment, which is great for the residents, not so great for someone that got in after 2am!

My evening at Siga la Vaca – a traditional all you can eat buffet Barbecue – had been lovely, meeting more locals through CS and enjoying a bottle of red wine (to myself) all for the price of 139 Pesos (about £17) For the quality of the meat and wine this was a BARGIN!

As the night drew in – my fellow diners, from Venezuela, Columbia and Argentina took leave, as they’d been out to Tigre..(When I go, I’ll let you know)

So an early-ish night beckoned.

Horsing around

Next day and I’d arranged to meet (you’ve guessed it) another CS. Like me she was new and because she was free in the day time had offered along with her friend to take me and a couple other CSers around town. So we met in Macdonalds (I can’t believe how many there are in Buenos Aires city) and took the train to Plaza de italia in Palermo. Although I’d stayed briefly in Palermo I hadn’t realised the full size of the area and many things it offered the wandering traveller away from it’s ares rank if drinking establishments!

I was taken to the beautiful parks and Palermo lake which in 30+ heat was only just tolerable. The views were nice, the parks full of families on day outs and women wearing tiny shorts and roller blading their way to toned thighs. A quick detour to the observatory and then a slow walk (did I mention how hot it was) back towards the station.

But what is this I spy…. A race track! And not that but an open race track with a race about to start. This was all as much of a surprise to me as it was to my guides- they’d never been to a horse race and hasn’t even realised that Palermo track was actually there! Another great thing about sharing a day with new friends – it always leads to new experiences for everyone.

With a race about to begin I convinced my guides that it was no point just watching, we should pick a horse and see if we get lucky… I’m not a gambler, but it did seem a shame not to put a little bet on. By little I mean £1.20 or 10Pesos 🙂

We grabbed some seats in the share and waited for the race to begin… Finally the bell and the riders as horses were underway! As the horses nearer the line, the crowd began to become very animated – screaming and cheering away. Unfortunately we stopped cheering, as our horse not only didn’t win, but came last! Never mind. For those few moments we and the millionaires around us were all sharing in the same experience… Even if we’d only lost £1.20. 🙂

After being safely escorted to the subway by my guides and positioned almost on the track so I’d know which train to get, I left to go home.. I’d planned to meet more friends and that evening at Bomba del Tiempo!

Can you feel the music

A shower, a change of clothes, a quick check on FB to make sure plans hadn’t changed and I was ready to dance the night (some of it) away with locals and tourists alike at one of the most popular joints in town! Bomba del Teimpo takes place in an old oil processing factory – hundreds of young things gather to listen to hip swinging beats produced by a energetic band of drummers.

When I arrived, I walked towards the entrance and noted that most of the people were drinking quite heavily outside the venue, before venturing inside. I assumed that it was just expensive inside, what I didn’t account for was the 45 minute queue to get to the bar! But alas I was stressed – I’d met some new friends, was slowly allowing my hips to become acquainted with the beats and feeling the cool no-trouble-vibe! After being given the largest beer I’d seen my friends, and my hips made their way through the crowds to find a spot to really let go… And let go the people around us did.. Sweat was a necessity. People moved as though they were possessed! Always smiling, always cheering, allowing themselves to be take I a wonderful musical journey!

By the time my sweat glands and hips had gotten into the swing if things the night was over – only two hours of dancing, but it felt like l’d done a 10km run, without any of the pain or breathlessness!

So where to next? As I’d already discovered buenos Aires is the town that doesn’t sleep, so we made our way to one of the best steak restaurants around, [la Cabrera] (Where else was I going to go? Lol)

At midnight, the steak, service and atmosphere was as exceptional as if we’d been the very first customers… I’m sitting there eating thinking this is the life!

So after more conversation, jokes, laughter and country comparisons I’m off back to my apartment courtesy of a lift home from my new friends… Great day, great night!










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