Wow – we’re out!

This whole EU referendum has been tarnished by the leaders of both campaigns and now it’s over I’m still no clearer about what the Brexit vote really means for me. 

I do know that the world is still turning and the sun (for some strange fluke) is shining as bright as ever! 

It will be a rocky road ahead especially with Cameron throwing the towel in so soon, and not sticking around to negotiate, but we are a resilient people and we’ll find our way…eventually. 

Hopefully this doesn’t mean that Farage and Johnson will jump into his ‘grave’…. That thought is enough to make me cringe. 

What will happen now – no one really knows – Which in a strange is a way is quite refreshing. 

I do know that the world map hasn’t changed, my friends/family are still my friends/family and getting a house is still gonna be difficult. 


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