Too old not to say…

When we’re young we’re brave, bold and courageous right?

Well some of us are, but most of us aren’t… It takes a while before we even realise that we have some power to exert and by that time the opportunity to use it wisely is often past.

As I arrive in my 40s (a destination that many say is the place to be), I’m hounded by thoughts of all that have been and all that could have been. I don’t have many if any regrets…. The past is the past, but on occasion when I really rack my brain I can think of a handful of incidents throughout my life where I could have been courageous and taken tighter reigns of my life.

Those situations often revolve around work situations, that time I should have said no, the time I went above and beyond and sat back and let someone else accept the credit, that moment when I should have said hello, but simply keep my head down and walked by, not pushing back hard enough…..and many more.

These situations aren’t exclusive to work but for me that’s where they often occurred.

Looking back I know that with a bit more courage I would have handled them differently.

I guess the main thing I was missing was confidence… something I’m still working on.

So in my 40s I decide that I no longer want to let life pass me by and be passive! I want, I need to be an active participant- hence this post.

It’s been a while and my thoughts (as you can probably tell) are somewhat jumbled. Writing and publishing is what I need to do; for me, not you. If you get something from it that’s great…if not, I’m ok with that too.

So here’s to many more posts, a podcast and who knows. Eyes and ears open lovely peeps!


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