I’m Just Saying…..

This is short and sweet – I’m forced to throw my 2 pence in the mix because the world just seems more than a little messed up right now. I’ll start small and relatively trivial, and work my way from there depending on the responses, but also whether or not I have better things to go and do….

So my first I’m Just Saying post (aka rant) is about this continuous barrage of kak music videos we’ve recently been subjected too. From the over-sexed Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball, to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, Lily Allen’s Hard for a B***h and now Kayne West’s Bound 2. I’m not gonna get into the lyrics of each of these songs (if you can call them that), I just wanted to make a simple observation about the whole pants-ness of the videos!


Where is the story, where is the narrative – What’s happened to the magic of music videos?? The videos that you could talk about with friends or watch with family, without pretending to watch them put of the corner of your eye! Do we really need to see simulated sex scenes in every video? Could it be because most songs don’t talk about love and relationships anymore, but are quite happy to push meaningless sex onto everybody? (Sorry I said I’d leave lyrics for another time).

I’m not saying that some videos shouldn’t be provocative and even push a few boundaries, but do they ALL have to do it??? C’mon artists/producers/labels let’s take off that ‘sex sells’ record and put a new tune on……please!


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