One giant leap for Dekan part 3

Wow! Finally steak!!!!! It’s what I predominately travelled all this way for, but wait, is that it?

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have a bad steak – it was delicious, but, and this is a mediocre size ‘but’ but I expected sooooooo much more! Let me explain…

I love steak, my friends and I in London have made it our mission over the last few years to try as many steak restaurants in the city as we can, either individually or as a group of three – call us the three steak-a-teers if you will! πŸ™‚

So far the best steak we’ve eaten (taste/value/the whole deal) has been at Hawksmoor. It has to be one of the consistently best steak restaurants in London! If you know better please share! πŸ™‚

Anyway, so I know a little bit about steak, so coming to Argentina should be a match made in heaven!! Despite my OK meal on Friday, I decided to venture to a well recommended steak joint on Saturday alone. (Only adding this so you know I was focused on my meat experience)

Miranda’s in Palermo was packed – I waited 40 mins for a table, and finally once I sat down there was only one thing calling me on the menu – Ribeye steak! The waiter came and effortlessly I ordered and then began my wait… The place was packed with diners so I was very hopeful. 20mins later it arrived.

From the picture it wasn’t the prettiest looking plate of food, but the steak looked good… I took a breath, placed my napkin on my lap, grabbed my knife and fork and began to slice. As I did so I could instantly feel the corners of my mouth start to curl as a smile came over my face! I was like a kid getting his favourite toy!

Another breath and I brought the fork with a decent size piece of steak on it to my mouth and opened wide!

Like my feeling when I watched Batman, the dark knight rises and Skyfall, my excited anticipation turned to ‘is that it?’ reality.

It wasn’t bad, it was cooked perfectly. The chimchurri sauce on the side was good too, but it just didn’t take me to the steak utopia I hoped it would have. And I’m not saying Miranda’s is not worth going to – please don’t take that away from my experience- I think that I’d just hyped it up so much that when it came to it, my imagination had run wild on me! πŸ™‚

But alas there are plenty of steak restaurants in Argentina and my experiences are getting better. Yesterday (Sunday) I went to a barbeque place – Siga La Vaca– and it restored my faith somewhat!

I wanted to write more about my day, including the karaoke experience, hen party, my tour of Recoleta with another couchsurfer, but I think I’ve made myself hungry again… πŸ™‚






Almost forgot!!! Homestay! I’ve now loved out of my plush hotel room and am embracing the traveller spirit (one step at a time) I’m now staying with a family in the heart of Recoleta! The website is a great way to embrace a city, sticking you with a family who will share some of its secrets with you.

It’s not free like Couch Surfing, but it’s cheaper than a hotel and often a hostel too! Depending on who you stay with you get your own room, and sometimes even a private shower..Woo!!! πŸ™‚

The family I’m with seem cool, it’s a mum and her son. Unfortunately the don’t speak much if any English, so my Spanish is getting lots of practise! (Just don’t test me- I’m not a Porteno yet!) lol



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