One giant leap for Dekan part 2

So couch surfing… For those that don’t know – you better get to know! As I once said in my youth. It’s the future (I know it’s been around for ages – check this out link), but I never really understood or appreciated its benefits. It’s the ability to go away and have a ready made friend/acquaintance structure in place. Set up to help travellers not feel so lonely and provide a comfortable couch with ready made local guides – couch surfing should only be celebrated. Politicians and governments take note! Your people enjoy the company of other cultures and want to know more about the places in the world- quit being so short-sighted and couch surf!

Enough ranting…

So couch surfing. Before I left I signed up to the website and sent a few requests out – not asking for a couch, but more to meet local people and others that had trodden the path I was about to… Searching on the website I was immediately presented with numerous options about where to go… Where to meet etc.. I decided on a couch surfing meeting that was scheduled for the day I arrived… No need to waste time!

So after lunch, a nap, a shower and one last look at my huge bed (see pic) I ventured from the perceived safety of my hotel (don’t worry I do embrace the travelling way later on) to a bar I’d never heard of, in a city I’d never been to, to meet people that didn’t know me from Adam!

After the obligatory getting lost phase of my journey I arrived at the plush Milion bar ( check it out). I was greeted by some stares, some smiles, and then a voice that welcomed me into the fold! At least seventy CS members had turned up, either alone, or with friends they’d made on the way. I talked and talked, exchanged stories, laughed, gasped, and in the end decided that I’d had one of the best 4/5 hour experiences in my life… Profound but true!

I met travellers, architects, language students (loads of these), graphic designers, you name it they were there. All gathered with no animosity, no chips on shoulders, just people coming together to share cultures and experiences! I absolutely loved it!

Unfortunately home beckoned after it reached 3am, but not to fear I’d organised a tour of Buenos Aires with a fellow surfer… Can’t wait!





One giant leap for Dekan….

So a quick indulgence… I’ve chosen to write a few short blogs about my travels to South America. Hope you enjoy the read…. If you manage to pick up any tips then that’s a bonus!

Firstly the reason why I’m here – well that’s simple why not?!?!

First day in Buenos Aires was filled with anxious curiosity, after all it’s the first time I’ve traveled alone and even at the age of 34 it’s still a pretty mean feet! I take my hat off to all those who went traveling while I was at university and working. There I was thinking they were just off on a jolly, and although they probably were, traveling abroad is a massive learning curve and takes a great deal of bravery!

Anyway back to my trip: I landed yesterday after what was a very long and pain-staking experience – mainly because I was sat next to the biggest bloke on the plane! Honestly, he was a cross between Steve Austin (WWE) and the Incredible Hulk! How he slept for the whole 12hour flight I don’t know. All I know is that I didn’t! So after a butt-numbing flight and a two hour queue to get through customs I stepped out into the baking heat of Buenos Aires!

A taxi, a seamless check-in at my hotel (my one and hopefully only luxury stop) I collapsed on the super queen size bed… But could I sleep? NO!!! I desperately tried, but my brain was switched on and all it was thinking was steak, wine and sun!

This lead me to my first Argentinian eatery Parrilla Pastas. At 4pm I had the choice of any seat in this beautiful restaurant, with open grill and an underling French bistro feel. But the food… Well the chips were good… Not worth talking about the rest… Apparently the pasta is good, and no offence but, I didn’t travel to Argentina to eat pasta..

So, alone in Bs As I decided to do what every other modern traveler does and log onto a computer and check out my social media. 🙂 after sending a few choice updates, it was time for me to head out into the city. After all I had a couchsurfer meeting to get to! That’ll be the next instalment..

(Hope you enjoyed the read – leave a comment and let me know)

Adiós 😀