What I would have added….

Some weeks I appear on London Lives‘ breakfast show, Wake Up London. I’m on for about 5mins every hour talking about some of the stories that are in the papers and making the news in the capital. With only 5 minutes, I don’t really get a chance to stay everything I’d like to, so I thought I’d create a weekly post on my blog for some ‘added value’ lol. Enjoy and feel free to comment and share!

First up was this AMAZING story – Yes it’s in the Daily Mail… But put that aside for one moment and check this story out! A woman in her fifties fights off a leopard with a sickle and a small shovel! It’s one of those stories you hear and instantly wonder what you’d do in that situation. I’ve had a think and I’m not sure I would have lasted 10 minutes, let alone the hour that this woman fought for her life. I guess when you are in that ‘fight or flight’ situation and when flight really isn’t an option it can be amazing what the human body can overcome. Despite suffering some fractures and wounds that required 100+ witches it looks like this woman will make a good recovery! Not so lucky for the leopard though – it was found dead a short distance away.

Next was this wonderful use of technology –  – An app that could literally save your life! It was developed by a neurosurgeon and London Air Ambulance doctor, Mr Mark Wilson, (along with two techies, Ali Ghorbangholi and Ali Haddad). The app as two functions, Responder and Alerter. The Responder is for people that have some form or formal first aid qualification. They register and are notified of any emergencies in their local vicinity, which they can choose to respond to. The Alerter is for members of the public (like you and me). Signing up for the service means that should you be involved in an emergency or witness one, you simply press the button on the App and it will call the emergency services and also notify any Responders that might be close by and able to help. It’s one of those creations that make you think, why oh why do people keep sending me Candy Crush invites when they could be forwarding on this life saving app instead! I’m not one for promoting things (unless I’m getting paid), but I definitely think everyone should sign up as an Alerter – you never know who you might be able to help – it might even be yourself!

And finally this week – to recline or not to recline. This story’s been doing the rounds on the inter web for the last few days (Guardian Comment is Free) and although on one hand it’s the story of two people arguing over the position of a seat (#firstworldproblems), it does raise the question of airline seat etiquette. Is there a right time to recline your chair, should you inform your fellow passengers that you are about to violate their 4 inches of legroom, or whatever it is these days? I know that on long haul flights I used to be upset when the passenger in front instantly pushed their seat back, as if the seatbelt sign was some sort of formula one starting light. I’ve been on many an uncomfortable flight stuck in the position unable to watch the little telly or find any position of comfort, but in my old age (relative) I now don’t seem to care so much. With the every increasing cost of flights (taxes) just being on a plane is worthy of a celebration and if part of that celebration involves kicking my feet up and making the most of my economy ticket then I will. Maybe #firstworldproblem isn’t correct – it should be #economyclassproblem lol


Trend that kept me awake… #YesAllWomen

So just about to fall asleep and I do a last minute check of Twitter. European elections, more stuff on UKIP and then I stumble on #YesAllWomen It’s currently tending number with over 700,000 tweets from around the world! (At 3am in the UK)

It seems to have been started (well a catalyst at least) because of the terrible events in America where a 22 year old man decided to go on a killing rampage – after he was apparently shunned by some women

The news is extremely sad, with six people losing their lives to this one man’s twisted actions.

But what I find just as distressing are the vast numbers of tweets written by women sharing their experiences of misogyny, disrespect, rape and general sexist abuse. I don’t want to believe what I’m reading – but unfortunately some of the stories ring true for some of my friends and acquaintances…

Reading the continuous stream of tweets became almost overwhelming… Here are a few:





Reading some of these frank accounts of misogyny experienced by women around the world, sometimes on a daily occurrence really upset me! Why do some men choose to behave like that?

Why do we continue to live in a world where some stupid men choose to treat women so poorly and without respect? Obviously questions that we could spend hours debating.

Bottom line – It’s really time the men out there became even more vocal about these abuses, however ‘minor’ some might appear. With society force feeding young men and women the idea that it’s ok to objectify and disrespect women more and more each day, it’s really up to us MEN to stand tall with our WOMEN and start teaching these young men that young women are just as equal and deserve our respect… As for the older generations of men, lets hope that they’re not beyond re-education. Refreshing to see that some men already get it:



Guys if this trending topic doesn’t get you thinking about how you should be treating women, then try and remember this… We all have mothers!



I’ve recently been asked to contribute to IdeasTapMag. I enjoy writing, but don’t always allow myself the time to indulge. Here’s my first piece for them:

If you enjoy, disagree or just want to add your opinion please do… or simply share it.. thanks


Everyone’s watched this today…

Whether you’re cringing at the sight, or simply enjoying the awkward first moments as these strangers kiss, you almost certainly can’t help watching this and reminiscing back to your own very first kiss – what a moment eh?

Hopefully your relationship will forever hold that moment close in both yours and your partners’ minds…

Failing a sporting generation…?

Saw this article today – Did London 2012 fail to inspire a generation?

Simple answer – no. But I think it failed to show the realistic side of sport and the costs and dedication involved!

It’s not just a case of turning up at your local track and getting a coach and a sponsorship deal.. There’s also lots of support required from sporting bodies and especially families.

If we really want more sporting participation I think there needs to be proper structured and accessible, (affordable) provisions… Obvious? Maybe….

Rant over.

I’m Just Saying…..

This is short and sweet – I’m forced to throw my 2 pence in the mix because the world just seems more than a little messed up right now. I’ll start small and relatively trivial, and work my way from there depending on the responses, but also whether or not I have better things to go and do….

So my first I’m Just Saying post (aka rant) is about this continuous barrage of kak music videos we’ve recently been subjected too. From the over-sexed Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball, to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, Lily Allen’s Hard for a B***h and now Kayne West’s Bound 2. I’m not gonna get into the lyrics of each of these songs (if you can call them that), I just wanted to make a simple observation about the whole pants-ness of the videos!

Where is the story, where is the narrative – What’s happened to the magic of music videos?? The videos that you could talk about with friends or watch with family, without pretending to watch them put of the corner of your eye! Do we really need to see simulated sex scenes in every video? Could it be because most songs don’t talk about love and relationships anymore, but are quite happy to push meaningless sex onto everybody? (Sorry I said I’d leave lyrics for another time).

I’m not saying that some videos shouldn’t be provocative and even push a few boundaries, but do they ALL have to do it??? C’mon artists/producers/labels let’s take off that ‘sex sells’ record and put a new tune on……please!